“A killer’s masterpiece will be painted… in cold blood…”

The Last Victim Synopsis

At first, Bridget Corrigan’s work with her twin brother’s senatorial campaign is an exciting distraction from the trauma of her messy divorce. But everything changes when Bridget is reminded of the secret she and Brad have kept since high school, a secret that could destroy the campaign – and their lives. Someone else knows what they did. Someone who’s been picking off the members of their little group one by one…

His job keeps him busy. He follows them, photographs them, and immortalizes them on canvas. He knows exactly how they’ll look when the last breath is drawn, because he has planned out their deaths with perfect precision. And the best is yet to come: Bridget Corrigan. He has very special plans for her portrait – she just doesn’t know it yet…

With every “accident” that befalls the members of her old clique, Bridget feels danger edging closer to home. Yet uncovering the truth about the killer would mean revealing what happened that horrible night years ago. She’ll have to find someone to trust – the question is, who? Because turning to the wrong person could be the last mistake she ever makes…



If you’re not acquainted, Kevin O’Brien is a bestselling American author who generally writes novels in the thriller genre. Some of his most popular titles include Only Son, One Last Scream, Watch Them Die, The Next to Die, and Tell Me You’re Sorry.

He also happens to be one of the Seattle 7 Writers, a nonprofit comprised of bestselling authors that aim to “foster and support a passion for the written word” and literacy.

The particular novel we came here to discuss – The Last Victim – was published back in 2011. It’s a classic crime thriller steeped in political intrigue and mystery. It has garnered an impressive review rating in many sites including Barnes & Noble with an average rating of 4.7 – out of five stars – throughout a total of 23 reviews.

But is it worth the read? We’re going to take a closer look to find out.

The Last Victim Review

The book is filled with suspense and thrills and is sure to keep you interested from cover to cover. O’Brien weaves a compelling and engaging tale of murder, deceit, and unsurprisingly, mystery.

The book follows Bridget Corrigan, a headstrong young woman who’s working alongside her twin brother that’s running for senate. By the time we meet her, Bridget’s brother has been going head-to-head with another candidate named Jim Foley.

Our main character, Bridget lives her life unknowingly stalked by a killer, one with incredulous purpose and motive.

The big bad, the one that really drives the novel is an artist. His foray is to maim and kill his helpless victims, and then paint the final scene. Because of this, his methods for killing are usually cold and calculated. He takes time planning his attack, and only carries it out when he feels the time is right. He wants to set the stage for a really great portrait each time.

Naturally, Bridget is the next victim in his sights. When the story opens, she seems nothing more than another target, picked at random. However, as the plot weaves and unfolds, we learn there’s something bigger at play.

Bridget’s past comes back to haunt her, and that ruthless, cold killer is there to paint the way.

The story doesn’t pan out, at least to readers, until nearly the very last page. But there’s enough going on to keep you engrossed and wanting to know more.

The final revelation is not entirely cliched, but some more resourceful readers will definitely guess the outcome before it comes to pass. That’s not necessarily a deal-breaker for the book, however. As always, this one is more about the experience between the opening and the ending than it is the shocking climax.

As is canon for O’Brien, the main character is a strong mother of two children. He’s said in interviews that he prefers writing about damsels in distress, if only because you feel more connected when it comes to fear and suspense.

Of course, Bridget is no pushover. This is a woman that gets out to change a flat tire on her minivan, after the killer secretly embeds nails in the rubber. He, by the way, hides remotely the entire time she changes the tire, watching her through the scope of a high-powered rifle.

It is this kind of mysterious and alluring scenario that plays out time after time throughout the entire novel. By the time the final words scroll past your eyes, you’ll have been put through the ringer.

If you’re looking for a great murder-mystery-thriller with a bit of classic horror tossed in for good measure, pick up The Last Victim and give it a read. You won’t be disappointed.

Is The Last Victim Worth the Read?

The Last Victim is a great summer, or vacation read. The content holds up well for stop-and-go patterns too, in case you’re always on the go.

There are no definitive messages, nor is the material particularly life-changing – it exists to entertain, and that’s great. Even with it’s political setting, Kevin O’Brien has managed to put together a thrilling book that’s not too preachy.

Mystery fans will fall in love with the changing tones, like when the point-of-view shifts to that of the killer. There are some interesting descriptions and situations that arise.

All in all, The Last Victim is worth a read. It’s not necessarily something you’ll want to read multiple times, unless you absolutely fall in love with the material, but it is something you won’t want to pass over if you’re a fan of the genre.


Are There Similar Books Worth Reading?

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Where Can I Get The Last Victim?

We researched several vendors, and have found that the best price is almost always offered by Amazon. Not to mention, they have some of the best shipping options for the cheapest prices – if you buy the physical version of the novel. It just so happens that they also offer a digital eBook version, as well. So take your pick!


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